A Florists Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding Flowers

A Florists Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding Flowers

Navigating a consultation with a florist can sometimes feel like riding a seesaw. When the florist prompts you with the question, "What is your budget?" the temptation might be to reply with, "Can't you tell me how much I need to spend?" To simplify the process and achieve optimal results, here are our top two tips for clients:

Share Images and Descriptive Language with Your Florist

Streamline your floral inquiry process by providing the florist with 5-10 initial inspiration photos, showcasing your preferred styles for bouquets, centerpieces, and ceremony flowers. In addition to these images, provide a few descriptive adjectives to convey the desired mood. Some examples might be: ethereal, polished, elegant, whimsical, formal, unexpected, romantic, soft, dramatic, floaty, garden-esque. A skilled florist can interpret these cues to craft a unique design tailored to you. Once you've settled on an aesthetic, trust your florist's creativity. They may propose ideas that pleasantly surprise you, capturing your vision in ways you hadn't imagined.

A floral design plan for an Arizona wedding

The front page of a Juniper Flowers AZ Design Plan


Communicate which floral moments are most important to you

Especially when working with a tighter budget, it's particularly beneficial for your florist to understand where you'd like to focus your budget. If you communicate a preference for allocating more funds towards the ceremony design rather than the centerpieces, your florist can propose more cost-effective options for the tables while enhancing the ceremony with a more elaborate design. Without this clarity, your florist might present a design plan that spreads the budget thinly across all areas, potentially resulting in an underwhelming outcome overall. If you're not sure which floral moments are most important, ask your florist for guidance on where you could best allocate your funds. When reviewing the florist's proposal, it's perfectly acceptable to tell them you'd prefer to cut back in one area, and prioritize another area. 

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