Ceremony floral arch containing smilax and roses

Our Pricing Philosophy

We strive to be as transparent as possible about our pricing, and will work with you 1:1 to build the perfect custom floral package.

Your wedding will be priced to support the florals you've chosen, as well as the the associated sourcing efforts, supplies, storage, transportation, labor and expertise.

On average, our couples spend $350 for an elopement, $1200 for a micro-wedding, $3000 for a small wedding, and $4500+ for a mid-sized to large wedding.

Below are our average prices by item.

Price List

Primary Bouquet


Our signature bouquet style is big, lush, playful, and full of your favorite colors and textures

Wedding Party Bouquet

$65 - $150

Our wedding party bouquets are designed to complement your primary bouquet and overall color and style palette. Price typically depends on floral varieties as well as size - petite, standard, or large

Boutonniere or Pocket Square

$30 - $45

Our boutonnieres are designed to complement the bouquets and are as simple or full as you’d like. Standard boutonniere or pocket square

Reception Centerpiece

$95 - $250 ea

Centerpieces are priced based on size, floral variety, and complexity of design. Generally, centerpieces are designed in a specific vessel or vase, but this can also include greenery runners or other specialty designs

Bud Vase

$15 - $30 ea

Our bud vases are either a single focal stem or cluster of a few stems. We have a variety of bud vases in our rental inventory

Ikebana Design

$30 - $45 ea

Ikebana, “the way of flowers”, is a Japanese art of minimally styling flowers. We have a collection of ikebana bowls & floral pins. Pricing depends on floral selection & complexity of design

Aisle Flowers or Table Bookends

$200 - $300 ea

Ground aisle arrangements to be placed at end of each row of chairs. These are often then repurposed for the reception / sweetheart table. Priced based on size, floral selection, and whether the design is one sided vs 360 view

Arch Accents

$450 - $750

Individual floral and greenery clusters added to certain parts of a fixed arch structure - most commonly 2 pieces asymmetrically placed on top corner & side

Floral Arch


A floral arch, circle / half circle of ground florals, or floral pillars are priced by size, floral coverage, mechanics, and complexity to install. These designs offer more complete coverage than Arch Accents and will be priced based on your needs

Hanging Greenery

Starting at $600 | Priced by ft / volume

Greenery hanging from ceiling, chandeliers, tents, etc will be priced based on required coverage and complexity of installation. Maximum ceiling height 12'


$4 - $10 ea

Our rental glassware for candles includes votive/tea light holders, pillar candle cylinders, and taper holders & glass chimneys. We can source a wide range of beautiful candle colors - reach out to learn more about our great options!

Votive holder & candle | $4 ea
Pillar Candle holder & candle | $9 ea
Taper Candle holder, hurricane and candle | $6 ea

*pricing may vary slightly based on specific selections


Starting at $200+

2-4 Staff Members onsite the day of your wedding to install all florals & candles. The average setup requires 4-10 hours across multiple team members.

Tear Down


We'll remain nearby for the duration of your wedding and return at the end of the night to professionally and efficiently clean up and compost/dispose of all florals off-site. Typically 2+ team members for the venue allotted strike window. Priced based on size of wedding, complexity of installations, and personell needed.