I’ve spent the last decade rock climbing as a means to explore the Southwest. I draw endless inspiration from the shapes, textures, and colors found in these landscapes - from the resilient desert plants, to the hillsides bursting with color in the spring, to the tiniest details of the lichen growing on the cliff bands. It is from these experiences that my passion for floral design has flourished.
Our designs are lush, full and organic, echoing what you’d find in nature. We choose colors and textures that complement the natural elements of your venue and bring your personality and sense of adventure into your florals.
It's my hope that you will feel the same joy and inspiration from the floral designs we dream up together!

Ready to talk numbers? We strive to be as transparent as possible about our pricing, and will work with you 1:1 to build the perfect custom floral design. Below are some examples of the options available at different price points.

  • 🌼 Elopement


    • $300 for a custom designed bouquet & boutonniere, $400 for 2 bouquets, $60 for 2 boutonnieres
  • 🌼 Mirco-Wedding (20 Guests)


    • Custom designed bouquet and boutonniere, OR pair of bouquets / boutonnières
    • Arch Florals
    • Table florals for 20 guests
    • Cake flowers
  • 🌼 Small Wedding (75 Guests)

    $3500 - $4500+

    • Custom designed bouquet and boutonniere, pair of bouquets or boutonnieres
    • Up to 2 wedding party bouquets & boutonnieres
    • Custom floral arch piece installed on site
    • Table florals for guest count up to 75
    • Cake florals or similar small items
    • Delivery & setup, optional after hours tear down
  • 🌼 Mid-Size to Large Wedding (75+ Guests)

    $4500 - $7000+

    • Custom designed bouquet and boutonniere, pair of bouquets or boutonnières
    • Up to 9 wedding party bouquets & boutonnieres
    • Family member corsages, floral crowns
    • Custom arch piece installed on site
    • Table florals for guest count above 100
    • Sweetheart table florals
    • Aisle Florals
    • Flat Lay Florals
    • Cake Florals
    • Toss Bouquet
    • Cocktail hour and bar arrangement
    • Welcome sign or entry florals
    • Delivery & setup, optional after hours tear down

What to Expect

✔️ Lush designs with a romantic look and feel

✔️ Carefully sourced, quality flower selections

✔️ Personal touches and attention to detail

✔️ Guidance through design and budget decisions

✔️ Personable and prompt communication every step of the way



🌼 Do you have a minimum?

Our minimums are set by wedding size:

Elopements $300 Minimum

Micro-wedding $800 Minimum

Small Wedding $3500 Minimum

Mid-Size to Large Wedding $4500 Minimum

These minimums ensure we can offer the best quality and service on your wedding day.

Within each category, we customize your floral design to include exactly what you need! It is possible to fit between categories - just get in touch!

🌼 Do you take elopements?

Yes! Our favorite thing is when our couples do their wedding
exactly how they want. Elopements start at $300, and elopement
flowers can be delivered anywhere in the Phoenix valley, before
heading with you to your final destination.

🌼 What information is included in the proposal?

Our proposals will include detailed descriptions and imagery of
each floral element, with line item cost detail to help you
understand where your budget is going. Any delivery, set-up, and
tear-down fees, plus estimated taxes will be included so you
know with confidence the all-in cost. A payment schedule will be
included, as well as date-hold deposit details