Caring for Your Dried Flowers

Caring for Your Dried Flowers

You're in luck! Dried flowers are extremely easy to care for and will last you a very long time. There are a few things you can do to help ensure the longest possible life. 

1. No water needed - Dried flowers should be kept dry at all times. They've been preserved & should not be watered. 

2. Avoid direct sunlight - Over time, your dried flowers will fade slightly in color. Sunlight can accelerate this process. To help keep their color for as long as possible, avoid displaying them in a spot that gets direct sunlight right on it. 

3. Do not disturb - The less you can bump, rustle, knock over (it happens!), the better. Your dried flowers are delicate, so less movement is better. Maybe there's a good spot on your bookshelf, versus the kitchen counter. 

At the end of the day, flowers are meant to be enjoyed. Display your dried blooms wherever makes you happiest! You'll get a long life out of these blooms, and I'll be here should you ever need a refresh. 




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