Top 5 Qualities to Look for when Hiring a Wedding Florist

Top 5 Qualities to Look for when Hiring a Wedding Florist


Your wedding is the one day in your life where you can be completely surrounded by beautiful, fresh flowers all day long. This prospect is so exciting, but when it comes to choosing the right wedding florist, what should you look for?

The best wedding florists don't just create beautiful floral designs. They are highly skilled at communicating with clients and interpreting their wedding vision. As you meet with florists, look for these 5 qualities to ensure you'll find the perfect fit.

1. The florist only takes 1 wedding per weekend

Designing and executing on wedding flowers is incredibly time intensive. For a standard size wedding, most florists receive the fresh flowers mid-week, and then spend several days processing & prepping the blooms, followed by several days of skilled design work. All the while, the flowers must have their temperature and humidity managed to ensure they open at just the right moment for your event. Floral installation on your wedding day can take anywhere between 2-6 hours with a team of multiple florists. Finding a florist who only focuses on one wedding at a time ensures your wedding will get the attention it needs, and that your florist has the flexibility to remain agile and handle any unexpected issues that arise during your wedding weekend.

Florist pins a boutonniere on the father of the bride at a Prescott Wedding

2. The florist is enthusiastic and responsive to your ideas

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, and you deserve to work with a florist that responds personably and promptly, and enthusiastically considers your ideas and vision. You should leave each conversation trusting that your florist aligns with your vision and is excited to execute the design. It may be a red flag if they are slow to respond, only respond with a few abrupt words or sentences, or don't address all of your questions. You are worthy of finding vendors that you connect with and that put your mind at ease!

3. The florist provides transparency around pricing, and helps you allocate your budget

Flowers can be huge investment, no matter the wedding size. Many florists have intimidating minimum spend amounts, however, this doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to understand exactly how budget is being allocated. Look for a florist who helps prioritize your spend, and treats your money like her own. If you care more about the ceremony display, and not so much about flowers on the dinner tables, your florist should be eager to accommodate this, and customize your design to support this.

Look for a florist who speaks confidently and articulately about budgets, and who is transparent about pricing & what is included at different price points. 

4. The florist provides a quote with beautiful sample imagery and detailed pricing 

It's incredibly important to have confidence that you and your florist are working towards an agreed upon design vision. When your florist sends back a design plan or quote, look for imagery or descriptions that clearly articulate the vision for your wedding florals. Do the images or descriptions accurately describe how you want your wedding flowers to feel? Do these designs align with the type of photographs you're hoping to get from your wedding day?

Florist's wedding design proposal with burgundy, pink, and sage green color palette 


5. The florist has an "about us" page or social profile showcasing the floral designer or team 

When you're vetting potential vendors, it can be hard to get to know a business before meeting face to face. Look for florists with a robust About Us page that describes their industry experience, their style, and why they love what they do. By doing this, you're more likely to find a florist with similar values and vision. 

Candid image of florist holding bouquet

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