What Exactly is a Micro-Wedding?

What Exactly is a Micro-Wedding?

Over the past 4 years, more and more couples are bucking wedding tradition, and reimagining the flow of their wedding day. There's nothing we love more than seeing a couple empowered to celebrate their love in their own unique style!

One newly trending concept is the micro-wedding. If you're unfamiliar, don't worry! We're here to fill you in on what a micro-wedding is all about, and what that means for your wedding flowers.

What is a Micro-Wedding?

A micro-wedding is an intimate and scaled down wedding, designed to include only your closest family and friends. Micro-weddings typically have no more than 20-50 guests, creating a more connected, intimate, and personal atmosphere. 

With a smaller guest count, couples have the flexibility to choose unique venues that would not work for larger events. Think, picturesque gardens, cozy backyards, and small alpine meadows requiring a hike. A reduced guest list often means more budget to allocate to the little details that make a wedding truly memorable. 


Sedona micro-wedding ceremony

The Role of Florals in Micro-Weddings

As a wedding florist specializing in elopements and small to mid-size weddings - we love the new popularity of micro-weddings. We're able to put more focus and attention into singular, beautifully crafted floral installations and tablescapes that perfectly suit your vision. Creating one incredibly memorable farm table design for 20 guests allows for a much more personal touch than recreating 50 of the same centerpieces. 

How is this different than an elopement?

The biggest difference between a micro-wedding and elopement is typically guest count. Most often, elopements are done with just the couple getting married, or a few friends/family members in attendance. An elopement may take place in another country or without a long planning period. Sometimes an elopement skips florals or design details all together, and focuses simply on the marriage itself. A micro-wedding tends to have more guests and is still a planned event with a ceremony, reception, and venue. That being said, it's really up to you as the couple getting married!

Micro-Weddings with Juniper Flowers AZ

At Juniper, we make it easy to design the perfect micro-wedding package. Our micro-weddings typically range from $400-$1000 and include:

  • Flowers for the couple getting married: a bouquet and boutonniere, or 2 bouquets, or two boutonnieres
  • Table foliage and florals - either fully designed on site, or prepped for you to set-up at your destination
  • Cake flowers or other small details; you tell us what's important to you!
  • Ceremony flowers

Many of our micro-wedding packages are pick-up orders - we efficiently design, prep, and pack everything you need, allowing you to easily set-up your florals on site at your destination. However, we're also available to do floral installation and set-up on the day of your wedding.


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