What is the Cost of a Wedding Bouquet?

What is the Cost of a Wedding Bouquet?

As you plan your wedding flowers, your primary wedding bouquet (a more inclusive term for bridal bouquet) is probably the most important floral design of your entire wedding day.

For the majority of the day, and for the majority of your photos, your bouquet is an extension of your wedding day look. You'll be holding it in almost every image leading up to, and during the ceremony, and the design of your bouquet often sets the tone for your entire floral design.

A well designed bouquet speaks to who you are, your vibe, and the feeling you'd like translated throughout your entire day.

The price of your wedding bouquet can vary tremendously from florist to florist, and from design to design. At Juniper Flowers AZ, our primary wedding bouquets start at $270, and here's why:

1. Planning and sourcing the perfect blooms takes a tremendous amount of care

Most primary wedding bouquets contain a large variety of blooms and foliage, and we often spend weeks working with our wholesalers and growers to ensure we're getting the exact right floral variety and that it will be the best quality possible for your wedding. Sometimes, we're ordering bunches of specific blooms months ahead of time to do color checks and test different ideas. We spend hours looking through floral directories to find the perfect colors and varieties that will make your vision come to life.

Close up image of bridal bouquet containing garden roses, peonies, anemone, and greenery

Marissabelle Photography

2. We may have to order 25 stems just to get that perfect "one"

Primary wedding bouquets often have just 1 or 2 stems of each flower type, especially for larger, statement stems. Sometimes, the primary bouquet is the only arrangement in the entire floral design using this stem - which can help your bouquet design really stand out! However, almost all flowers are sold to florists in growers bunches of at least 10, often 25 or 30 stems. Even if we can buy just 1 or 2 stems, we'll order 10 in order to make sure we get the one stem with the perfect size, perfect gesture and movement, and perfect level of open bloom on your wedding day. On top of that, we frequently order a "back-up" option when working with a finicky or out-of season variety.

3. We've put in hundreds or thousands of hours of practice to develop the expertise it requires to design your wedding bouquet

While it may look effortless or simple, floral design is a finely honed artistic, and sometimes, technical skill. Most floral designers have had thousands of hours of practice - making hundreds of bouquets in the process. We've taken classes, possibly received formal education, studied color theory, and regularly spend our free time keeping up with the latest trends and researching new flower varieties. We've learned which flowers need to be kept in the cooler and which ones need to be kept on the counter, and which ones will wilt too quickly, and which ones can withstand those sunny hours before the ceremony. We know which stems need to be supported with wire, and which ones will release the perfect fragrance to help calm your nerves on your wedding day. We've made our mistakes and learned our lessons within all the practice bouquets, to ensure your wedding bouquet is perfect. If this weren't the case, you'd be equally happy with the bouquet Aunt Linda could make the morning of your wedding (no shade, Aunt Linda, we're sure you're amazing!)

Bride and groom holding flowers in Sedona at magic hour

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While our Primary Wedding Bouquets start at $270, our wedding party bouquets typically range from $85-$150, depending on the design and flowers selected. We customize every wedding bouquet to perfectly suit your vision, and it's truly the most joyful part of each wedding's unique journey. We're so proud of the heart and soul that goes into each one of our weddings - nothing is more rewarding than hearing you say, "It's exactly what I imagined!"


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